A list of the 10 most expensive Rolex Replica watches at the moment

When we talk about replica watches, it is almost inconceivable that you do not mention the brand Rolex. Despite the fact that Rolex does not make the most luxurious, ingenious or special watches, the brand is nevertheless first associated with ‘luxury watches’. Let there be no misunderstanding about it: Rolex makes one of the best watches in the world. Not in terms of spectacular complications or enormously rare material – but in terms of quality and no-nonsense watchmaking. It is therefore quite logical that Rolex watches – especially the vintages pieces – are becoming more and more valuable. At the moment (albeit subject to change), these are the 10 most expensive Rolex replica watches in the world.

10. Rolex Daytona Ferrari Red – $ 267,203

The replica Rolex Daytona Paul Newman collection is one of the world’s most sought-after collections. There is a range of models that are interwoven by the brand with the crown. This Daytona Ferrari Red is one of them. With a Daytona like this on your wrist, you are sure to be a conversation starter. Of course, it is also a very special appearance – resulting in a taste discussion with many. Probably this watch is therefore not very high ranked in this top 10. Although a small three tons is still an incredible amount of money of course.

9. 1972 James Bond Rolex Submariner – $ 365,000

The Rolex Submariner is one of the most iconic models ever made in the world of watches. It is not for nothing that practically every other brand inspires its divers on this diver of Rolex. The bezel, the indexes and crown guards – really every aspect is iconic. It is called the James Bond Sub because of the fact that this ‘no-date’ Sub was introduced in the movie ‘Live and let die’. On the pulse of the world’s best-known superspion, the watch was soon given a legendary status. This specific Rolex was sold for $ 365,000 – which immediately puts him in a very select group.

8. Golden Rolex Oyster Perpetual – $ 444,000

Gold always does well. A golden watch is by definition spectacular. If this is also a rare, golden Rolex, then you have the jackpot. Add to that a spectacular story and you just tap $ 444,000. This golden Rolex Oyster Perpetual was once worn by the first president of India – Rajendra Prasad. The watch is made of 18Kt rose gold (yes, that is true), the continent engraved India in the dial and the date January 26, 1950 (first Republic of India). So it is really a one-of-a-kind Rolex replica.

7. Rolex GMT Master II ‘Ice’ – $ 485,350

There’s no disputing about taste, but this GMT Master II is anything but stylish (as far as we are concerned). It seems that the inventor of this combination likes to shout from the rooftops that he is wearing a Rolex, or rather goes through life as a walking disco ball. In any case, this GMT must cost nearly half a million, something that we would not give it to.

6. Rolex Daytona ‘Eric Clapton’ – $ 1,400,000

Besides his famous Albino Eric Clapton also arranged this Daytona on his wrist. Of course, the one and a half million price are not in proportion to the value of the watch. The fact that this watch was owned by Eric Clapton makes the price so huge, but it is by no means the most valuable Rolex ever made. In our opinion, it is not really a realistic reflection compared to other Rolex watches.

5. 1971 Rolex Daytona ‘Albino’ ref. 6263 – $ 1,418,000

Number three in our list (or number eight) is the first Rolex that manages to exceed the magic limit of one million. The Rolex Daytona is one of the world’s best-known chronographs ever. It is not for nothing that the Daytona of style icon Paul Newman is so incredibly sought after. Yet this Daytona is also one that is high on the list. Spectacular because of its sub-dials that have the same color as the rest of the dial – hence the name Albino. To make it even more special: this Daytona was once owned by the famous guitarist Eric Clapton.

4. 1942 Rolex Chronograph ‘Antimagnetique’ – $ 2,400,000

This early chronograph from Rolex is one that is high on our list at the top of the list (not just because of its exorbitantly high price). The watch is, in fact, one of the most beautiful vintage Rolexes ever made and collectors are almost unanimous. It seems that this specific Rolex comes from a collection designed for a team of racers. The model is one of the largest (in diameter) watches that Rolex has ever produced.

3. 1969 Rolex Daytona ‘Paul Newman’ ref. 6263 – $ 3,717,906

The first Rolex Daytona in this top 10 that once belonged to Paul Newman – but certainly not the last. The watch from the American actor is quite simply one of the most wanted watches in the world. Of course, the value in it is no longer completely in perspective, but that does not make it any less. This Rolex is characterized by the iconic ‘reversed Panda-dial’. A term used to indicate the contrasting difference of white sub-dials and black dial. Where black sub-dials on a white dial are then described as a normal ‘Panda-dial’.

2. Rolex ref. 6062 ‘Bao Dai’ – $ 5,060,427

Perhaps one of the most spectacular Rolex models ever, this Bao Dai. The watch has in the past several times the record for most expensive Rolex ever in the hands. As soon as another auction followed with another spectacular Rolex in it, the title was passed on again. The watch does not have the name ‘Bao Dai’ for nothing. It was in fact owned by the last emperor of Vietnam. Just like the Rolex at number # 9, this creation is made of solid gold. In addition, it is one of the few Rolexes that rotate with such an age, diamonds on the dial and a moon phase on six.

1. Rolex Cosmograph Daytona Paul Newman – $ 17,752,500

There we are again. The most expensive Rolex of the moment and one that created shocking news worldwide. This Rolex Daytona was gifted to him by Newman’s wife on his birthday. A recognizable aspect of this Daytona is the fact that it is engraved that reads ‘Drive Carefully Me’. With aftermarket replicas, this engraving is often misapplied – resulting in a watch that falls through the basket.


Rolex GMT-Master II Replica

rolex GMT master ii replica review

If you have been through many replica watches and have not come across the right watch, then you have not yet seen and definitely not experienced the GMT-Master II by Rolex replica. This oyster perpetual wristwatch not only features the 24-hour hand, but also an adjustable 12-hour one, which allows you to check time in two time zones. If you always forgot to wind your old watch you will be happy to know that this Rolex is self-winding and it is also waterproof up to 100m or 330 feet. If you want an excellent watch, you have to go to the source. Rolex not only creates unique and new alloys, but each piece holds a high standard. Rolex has only one goal, and that is absolute purity. The bracelets, the cases, and the components are crafted for durability, beauty and color. You will not be disappointed with this watch. It is one of a kind.

Inside the GMT-Master II replica are over 100-moving parts, and each is crafted and conceived at the same time to ensure flawless homogeneity. The edges are smoothed and sculpted for comfort. The clasp has been redesigned and this promises easy closing and opening. The length of the bracelet can be adjusted, providing you with a perfect fit. Rolex replica bracelets are tested under extreme conditions. Only if they pass the tests, do they become part of replica Rolex?

best Rolex GMT master replica

With an increase in altitude, temperature, and physical activity, your wrists expand and this makes wearing a wristwatch very uncomfortable. You end up removing it. Rolex invented the Easylink – a system that allows the wearer to increase the bracelet’s length by 5mm to ensure you get maximum comfort. This design has been included into the GMT-Master II replica wristwatch’s design. The system has been tested thousands of times under extreme conditions and reliability was not sacrificed.

White gold and diamonds were used to create this timeless masterpiece. Its size is only 40 mm and the rotatable bezel is set with sapphires and diamonds. If that is not enough, the dial has been paved with diamonds. There is nothing more that could be done to this watch to make it any more perfect. Any more additions to this piece and it will lose its perfection. The movement of the watch makes precision extremely important. The self-winding mechanism is manufactured and engineered by Rolex. Every movement of the GMT-Master II replica guarantees high performance. It is reliable and robust and it is a certified chronometer.

best Rolex GMT master ii replica

Rolex replica retailers have all the know-how and all the equipment needed to gain access to the wristwatch. The backing of it is purely for the technically minded. The backing is sealed with the torque of 5nm. This backing case creates a kind of environment that helps protect the watch and all its moving parts from pressure, shocks, water, and dust so that nothing can get in there and destroy your masterpiece.

The GMT-Master II replica has been put through rigorous testing. Models like these symbolize supremacy. Rolex replica wristwatches have been around for many years and have conquered oceans and seas.


Rolex day date replica watch 2018 hot – Accessories

You’ve seen some of the Rolex day date replica 2018 pieces on my previous post. Here are some accessories that accompanied the Rolex day-date 2018 collection.

I can’t deny that replica watches made some outstanding and gorgeous accessories. Well, she came from a strong background in designing accessories when she was in day-date. So, I’m not she brought her years of expertise from accessories designing to the House of Rolex.

Since replica Rolex 2018 was inspired by the Amazon theme, the accessories also had a lot of resemblances based on the theme. Especially the replica omega, tag and replica Cartier.

fake Rolex day date

The Oyster Perpetual Day-Date replica holds a hallowed place in Rolex’s history. Sober and elegant, it has achieved mythical status and is considered the most esteemed model in the Oyster collection with its refined case and lugs and clear, legible dial showing calendar indications.


Rolex has pushed the majority of its men’s watches into the 40mm wide plus range, reserving most of the 39mm and under timepieces for women. Having said that, the new 2013 Rolex Day-Date replica watches are strictly unisex by Rolex standards. Even so, “unisex” in this situation means just that. These are pieces that many women will gravitate to, but there is an appeal for me. So ask yourself, is there a color combination here that works for you as a man?


Traditionally a sunray dial can be found on these watches but Rolex decided to kick the dial designs up a few notches by applying motifs by laser. These new motifs now add textures and patterns to an already beautiful sunray dial. In addition to the new designs, Rolex also released a few new dial colors to the equation which include Ice Blue, Silver, Sundust and Champagne.


Rolex offering an alligator strap on the Rolex Day-Date replica is thus a bit unique given their current collection. Though I don’t think the brand, famous for its bracelets, will change that anytime soon. Even though these Rolex Day-Date models look fresh and less serious than your typical Rolex fare, being offered exclusively in gold, they are certainly high-end models.

This replica watches has a lot of character, and that’s what I appreciate about it the most. It is perfect for dressy occasions, such as black tie events or a nice dinner, but is also equally appropriate for more casual wear to the office. However, the money needed to buy such beauty is not many, and most people will buy it’s replica.


A Fake Rolex Makes The Perfect Summer Gift in 2018

The summer holiday gift season is upon us, and Rolex replica just may be that ideal gift for that special loved one in your life. Celebrate life. Celebrate the summer. The perfect birthday, mother’s or father’s day, or graduation gift is easily available online.

The Fake Rolex has moved far beyond the days of cheap knockoffs lining the trench coats of downtown hucksters. In fact, the Rolex replica is made to exact standards using only genuine, original materials. In fact, you’ll pay a little bit more for these watches than those on the street, but you’ll quickly find out why.

A real Rolex would be a fantastic Father’s Day present, but not everyone can afford one – maybe a replica? A Fake Rolex, made to today’s high-quality standards, is the perfect option. Perhaps you and your siblings will go in on one to make your Dad happy this year. Put some beautiful metal and leather on his wrist. A replica Rolex will send a strong message to your beloved Father.

Of course, what will that new graduate need in this big scary world? How about a stylish timepiece to show the world that she or he is not afraid? Psst…the world doesn’t even have to know it’s a Fake Rolex. Show your pride and prepare the youngster at the same time.


Rolex, Vacheron Constantin Trying To Break The Chinese Market

Whether one is searching for authentic or fake watches, the Chinese market is a flood with designer brands such as Rolex and Vacheron Constantin. The Chinese market is growing, due to the emergence of an affluent middle class, and with it comes vast competition. And, on top of the plethora of replica Rolex Submariner, fake Vacheron Constantin watches, and other knock-off designer watches, are the duties. Chinese import duties are at levels that would send any good business person off shaking their head. Joining the Chinese market race is a risky business venture.

But the allure of the elusive Chinese middle-class market keeps Western businesses trying to crack it, often at their own peril. Vacheron Constantin closed nearly one dozen of their retail outlets for watches in the last year, citing high levels of competition as the reason. Rolex, too, is finding it hard to penetrate the Chinese market. Both companies are sticking it out, waiting and hoping for an upturn.

The high costs of authentic products (inflated by duties and other import costs), and the ever prevalent options to buy a quality fake Rolex, even a replica Rolex Submariner, the perennial classic, it is easy to see how this market is difficult to crack. But for Rolex and Vacheron Constantin watches, a population of 1 billion with increasing wealth is too good to ignore. The question is whether or not it is as easy to ignore the number of Chinese sporting a replica Rolex Submariner rather than the number sporting a genuine Rolex.


Swiss Replica Rolex Watches: Originals or Replicas?

Swiss replica watches have been growing in popularity, while spending on original Swiss Rolex watches has decreased, according to British watch dealers. On the heels of this announcement, Melrose Jewelers has announced the three most exotic Rolex watches demanded in Q1 2008.

Vintage Swiss Rolex watches the Rolex Daytona, Rolex Super President and Rolex Submariner are all considered highly desirable despite weakening sales due to the economic downturn. Melrose Jewelers has attempted to bring up sales by focusing on the restoration of these vintage Rolex watches. This appears to be working in their favor, as their sales have not slumped, while many standard dealers in Swiss Rolex watches have reported decreased sales.

It appears that consumers are being pulled in two directions as a result of the burst housing bubble and possible recession. The first direction is toward dealers in rare and vintage Rolex watches and toward even greater costs and luxuries. The other is toward well-made, but more cost-effective, Swiss replica watches.

Swiss replica watches offer an excellent alternative to costly Rolex watches. Where the original watches have tight restrictions keeping production in Switzerland and costs high, the Swiss replica watches have the option of using parts that are easier and cheaper to produce but equally effective. Japanese watch parts are of excellent value but do not cost an arm and a leg. These products are catching on with the watch buying public, and as difficult economic prospects decrease total spending, replica watches become an excellent option for a suddenly thinner bank book.