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It has always been a love-hate relationship between collectors regarding Panerai timepieces: the use of ETA movements had been frowned upon by many. But Panerai enthusiasts or “paneristi”, as we like to call them, praise the brand for its uniqueness, heritage and looks. Therefore, for a brand that is so venerated and vilified at the same time, there is only one direction, and that direction is high, here is the reason.

Panerai watches have always been built like a tank, built to be worn by adventurers as well as adventurers. With all the fuss of his Luminor as the Panerai that every Paneristi should have, people forget that Panerai’s very first piece was not a Luminor, but a Radiomir.

The Radiomir was a true classic of a piece that remained unchanged since its introduction in 1938 as the official timepiece of the Royal Italian Navy during the Second World War. With such a history and heritage, modernization can be risky. Nonetheless, the creators of Panerai have made it, and they did it with Italian flair. Enter the Radiomir Black Seal, a contemporary version of the original Radiomir ref.3646. These vintage models are so rare that nowadays they are sold for rather steep prices, like this one.

The Black Seal Radiomir has been around for years, but it is not until the SIHH 2012 that Panerai introduces one with a completely self-produced work in a Radiomir, called the PAM388 or Black Seal 3-Days Automatic.

The PAM388 houses one of Panerai’s own, P.9000, entirely designed by Panerai. It’s an automatic movement with a 3-day power reserve, which obviously gives the name of the PAM388. The work is said to have been originally built for the Luminous, which requires a custom-made case with a slightly less convex sapphire crystal that protrudes slightly from the bezel. The PAM388 is the first Radiomir to feature the P.9000 movement, which makes the piece so special.

Additional movement specifications:

Name: radiomir black seal, black dial, stainless steel, brown leather strap.
Movement: automatic genuine Swiss ETA, smooth sweeping second hand.
Functions: hours, minutes, small seconds.
Case: one piece forged case construction, solid 440 stainless steel.
Bezel: solid 440 stainless steel.
Back: screw, solid 440 stainless steel.
Crystal: -scratch-proof sapphire crystal.
Anti-reflective coating.
Water-resistance: 50 meters
Strap: high-quality brown leather strap.
crown: one-piece solid screw-down crown.
100% correct markings and engravings.

Retail Price :$150
Second Watch Price :$125 (30% off for buying the second watch)

Panerai radiomir black seal

The PAM388 is housed in a polished steel case with a case diameter of 45mm, which is pretty standard of the make. A black dial with the second hand to the right of the 9 o’clock position, a date indicator at the 3 o’clock position and a “Radiomir Black Seal” label below the 12 o’clock position. It comes with a black alligator leather strap with the patented wire loop for easy strap change and, above all, a clear sapphire crystal back to showcase the P.9000 in all its glory.

Aesthetically, the PAM388 is one of the most elegant pieces I’ve ever seen of Panerai. Note the word used – elegant, a word rarely used with Panerai watches. That’s because, in my opinion, it’s one of those pieces that find the middle ground in this love-hate relationship between Panerai and his collectors. On the one hand, it houses an in-house movement that closes all the people trying to deny the value of the Panerai pieces, and second, it’s one of those watches that can be used as a tool clock or clothes watch. A versatile piece, so to speak, reminiscent of the original Rolex Explorer that can be worn for any occasion.

Learn more about the PAM388 and other Panerai parts from Panerai’s official 2012 collection site or


Panerai Luminor 1950 replica


Movement: automatic genuine Swiss ETA, smooth sweeping second hand, shock resistant movement holder
Case: one piece forged case construction, solid 440 stainless steel
Bezel: solid 440 stainless steel
Back: screw, solid 440 stainless steel green Rolex hologram sticker on the back
Crown: one-piece solid screw-down crown
Crystal: Scratch-proof sapphire crystal, laser etched crown at 6 o’clock on all models, 2.5 magnifying lenses over the date at 3 o’clock
Waterproof: waterproof seal with O ring
Bracelet: solid 440 stainless steel or real leather
Weight: same weight and fell as the original 100% correct markings and engravings, replicated to the smallest detail

who makes the best Panerai replica

Nomenclature, the story of Officine Panerai replica “Luminor 1950” is one of the modern success. What began as a limited-edition exercise in 2002 has evolved into a franchise-in-a-franchise that spans the spectrum of diver watches to borderline dress options. In the fifteen years since the Nineteen Fiddy, Luminor’s best models in 1950 have built a dynasty of the last days that is anything but retro; These are our favorites.

The original PAM 127 replica watch

Prior to 2002, a Panerai “Luminor” was a completely modern creation, designed by former Panerai boss Dino Zei and realized by machinist Alessandro Bettarini and marketed under a name – Luminor – originally developed for a minimal radioactive dial color , And while the “Bettarini Case” brought Panerai’s signature model to the hearts of enthusiasts in 1993, a true tribute to the historic Italian “Marina Militare” divers of the 1950s had to be realized as a replica Panerai Luminor 1950 PAM 127 for almost a decade.

The PAM 127 was a big deal. More than another name, the 1950s shape was dramatically different from the old 44mm Bettarini box. Panerai’s 1-950-piece Special Series reiterated the size – 47mm – and the shape – surprisingly convoluted – of the Panerai 6152 Battle Reflection from the 1950s. These 127s were actually closer to Panerai’s true heritage than the budget-priced but stocky “Luminor” models of Panerai’s first decade.

As a tribute that stopped before a factory replica, the PAM 127 harked back to the authenticity of its SPECWAR shape and the boast of its generous size to become an instant favorite of the burgeoning oversized sports watch segment. Although the PAM 127 was not at the expense of AP’s brutal Royal Oak offshore, he nevertheless grabbed the elegance and presence of the wrist to keep up with the appeal of the blue blood of Le Brassus. Collectors, who were able to afford major complications and pageant conquests, battled for priority on the dealers’ waiting lists and offered used PAM 127 at dizzying heights on eBay.

But even more significant than his fervent moment is Fiddy’s enduring legacy and the family that spawned it.

PAM 267: friends and family replica watch

The Panerai Luminor 1950 Eight Days PAM 267 is the clock that should not happen.

For the Special Series 2005, Panerai brought the Luminor 1950 Eight Days PAM 203 in 150 copies on the market. Equipped with an Angelus SF 240 manual wind movement, which was included in the glorious 47mm 1950 housing, the PAM 203 was almost a reissue of the 1950s reference number 6152 of the Italian Navy. Like a newly manufactured vintage Panerai since 1997 PAM 021, the approximately $ 19,000 PAM 203 sold out immediately before reappearing in the aftermarket as $ 100,000.

Caseback of PAM 267 replica watch

As often happens when money and scarcity cross, favorites are played, and Panerai CEO Angelo Bonati himself has been selected to select the recipients of the 150 PAM 203. Winners and – powerful – losers were created. The latterly sought relief and the PAM 267 was the result.

Often referred to as the “Friends and Family” special for those “Paneristi” VIPs who missed the boat for the PAM 203, the PAM 267 was a six-piece Special Edition 2008 edition. While its case splits with the 203 almost every line and completes the surface, the dial of the PAM 267 dispensed at three o’clock on the “Brevettato” patents and swing the impressive “Marina Militare” signature by 12. The passions of the Panerai fan base PAM 267 became the “Grail” version of the PAM 203 Grail watch.

Panerai PAM 267 Limited edition replica

Inside the case of the PAM 267, an Angelus SF240 – the same caliber family built in the 1950s – was equipped with a hand-wound reserve for eight days. As part of a package of new SF 240 watch caliber, which Panerai bought in the 1990s from collector Francesco Ferretti, the old works made a direct connection to Panerais Kampfer. In fact, the entire body of the PAM 267 was similar to a temple or reliquary for the old machine inside a temple, but much smaller than the advertised PAM 203.