10 Best Replica Watches for Christmas 2018

Rolex replica used to publish Rolex Christmas ads, but I can not remember ever having seen one in a magazine in my life. It is interesting to note that the advertisements of the Rolex Christmas magazine only ran while Hans Wilsdorf, the founder of Rolex, was still alive. Speaking of Hans Wilsdorf, there is a fantastic and from the 1948 season that I added last year when I updated this story. Make sure you take a look at it because it is just as current as it was then.

you do not see many green watches nowadays. fake Rolex has its special green color; sometimes used on dials, pointers and bezels, but never on a full case. Now that I think about it, I can not think of too many mainstream green colored watches. So there is certainly room for a few new ones.

The best way to really get into the mood of the season is to make sure you take the time to treat yourself to something of yourself. And what could be better than adding a new Rolex to the collection?

I hope everyone has a great holiday season! Every year, around Christmas time, I publish this history of fake Rolex Christmas, and every year I update it considerably.

Ultimate holiday guide book 2018

ROLEX – 6238 CHRONOGRAPH replica

Okay, I’m not talking about a 6238. I’m talking about the actual 6238 as worn by George Lazenby at On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. Okay, I admit, that’s a pretty specific replica watch, but it’s undoubtedly somewhere out there.

Rolex Yacht-Master II 116680 replica – A hypermodern and precise timepiece made for adventurers, this replica watch has an automatic 31 jewel movement, a sapphire glass and a white Arabic dial alongside SuperLuminova hour markers and hands. Although some argue this is not the best Rolex investment, many people feel different.

Rolex Explorer II Polar – This fantastic Rolex replica features an Oysterlock bracelet with an Easylink 5 mm extension fastener for added comfort, a distinctive black dial with luminous hour markers and a recognizable bright orange GMT time zone with the second time zone. This Rolex replica is an ideal choice for any adventurer who needs a replica watch that can withstand extreme conditions.

Rolex Submariner 116610LV replica – This handsome wrist watch has an automatic movement, a unidirectional turnable time-lapse ceramic cover, a memorable green dial and a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal. This highly sought-after model is the perfect complement to any watch collection.

Rolex Daytona Yellow Gold 116528 replica – This timeless Rolex features a unique black and Rolex Champagne dial with three auxiliary scales, 44 jewel movements and a flap closure on the 18 carat golden Oyster bracelet. This luxury watch is a valuable purchase in the contemporary market.

Ah yes. You think of the vintage bling from 1969, Carrie bought Big for their anniversary. But he knows nothing about that. All he thinks of is adding another perfect timepiece to his collection. If he already owns the president, it might be time to be a bit more sportive, like the GMT-Master II replica. Or a slim Cellini that fits with his new Belstaff jacket. Whichever way you choose, trust us, he will love it. Even when you are away, he will always think of you lovingly whenever he looks at his wrist.

Then we have a favorite of mine. The GMT in the past two years has been spoiled because color variants are available. Last year it was the Black and Blue #Batman that was available and this year it was the ‘Pepsi’ on white gold. This next recommendation is an older piece that dates from the eighties. In itself a classic I am talking about the ‘Rootbeer’ version of the GMT, with the warm and luxurious brown and gold border, which makes this piece stand out in a completely different way. No bright colors here, only beautiful warm tones, almost perfect for autumn and winter. How seasonal!


How to find a really good fake Rolex

As prices go up, fake Rolex watches become broader and better. People spend a lot of time surfing the internet on replica watches – something the Swiss say is of no value. Indeed, the replica industry costs the legitimate manufacturers billions of lost revenue every year. Of course, this makes the wrong assumption that the same people who buy replicas would buy the real one.

Tips for buying a replica Rolex watch

The modern replica Rolex watches are of very high quality. The best forgeries use an original dial to clean a base and then refine it, so ask for a picture of the back of the dial to see the mark of the right creators.

Hey guys. The last couple of weeks it seems that almost 50% of the discussions/topics are about cheap watches and who is a trusted salesman etc. Let me clarify this. Authentic watches normally cost $ 1000 + USD minimum, from Rolex watches to Patek models, and so on (major brands). And by wanting a good Rolex replica watch, you should at least earn some money for what you get. I understand many people like me do not have much money to spend on watches, especially replicas. But like me, I saved around $ 400 and provided myself with a really good Rolex Sea-Dweller. My advice is that before you go and look for a replica watch that can cost 4000 $ (real), get some money and get a good one instead of buying a cheaper one for about 50 $, which could stop with work after 2 weeks.

Trusted Dealers

I advise you NOT to buy replica watches from websites such as DHgate, AliExpress (just one example). Personally, I would not recommend using these websites, as these are normally lower quality watches than the watches sold by replica magazine. These sellers offer you watches at a lower price than replica magic, but remember that they will not be close to 1: 1. These watches are usually made with bad movements or just normal watches like quartz.

Buying a replica watch online usually involves many risks. You risk getting yourself scammed because you just do not know what the familiar fake watches are and most importantly: HOW you recognize a replica of good quality. Believe it or not, scams can be avoided … as long as you are aware.

At that point, I would like to say that once you choose a replica magazine, you trust that they will not run out of money. the replica gag here sell hundreds of watches per month from the sale here,

the replica magic has been active for more than 3 years. They have no interest in spoiling their reputation and sabotaging their future business for your meager $ 400 USD.

I often see that a buyer complains for the first time about a thread to assess the buyer after he has received no reply from his replica magazine within 12 hours. replica magic live here in China, that’s the way they ensure a constant, quality-controlled delivery of the factories to you. Keep in mind that even though it is broad daylight here in North America or Europe, it is 3 o’clock there and everyone falls asleep. Check your schedule sometimes, it may be Saturday or Sunday and they may be outside with family or friends. After you transfer the money or charge your credit card, it takes an average of 3-5 days before the watch comes from the factory to QC. Sometimes the TD has a watch in stock and you have QC photos within hours, sometimes the factories have to start all over again and it can take up to five days or longer. Wait 3 days before sending another email to them asking where your watch is. Wait two extra days to answer. It does not mean that they necessarily need 2 days, but they give time to sort things out or come back from vacay. If after a ridiculously long time there is still no answer, file a complaint letter with helpdesk!

I have seen it often, a noob buyer gets no response within 12 hours, complaints with bad judgment, moderator condemns the behavior, sends e-mail when they wake up and saw how bad things were raised. Problem solved because they always do, replicamagic rather lose money than credibility.


This is my personal opinion, but I strongly recommend you NOT to buy watches with fake diamonds. These so-called “diamonds” are so easily recognizable if you have seen a real diamond before you will immediately recognize the difference. If you really want an ice cold watch, buy the replica watch you are looking for and ask a jeweler if they can put diamonds on the watch. Although this is not the cheapest alternative, it is the best option if you are not ready to pay + $ 15,000 for a watch.

This may not be the best ‘guide’ there, but I just wanted to clarify a few things about replica watches. If you have questions about replica watches, save me and I’ll help you! Cheers!

See that is the thing, if it is a quartz movement, it could easily survive an automatic/mechanical movement. Quartz watches are cheap, durable and reliable. I think there are things like hacking or what you can not get with quartz, but if you buy a cheap representative that you are really not afraid of bothering people, then you actually prefer quartz.


The delivery time depends on the country. Customs is usually stricter in Europe than in North America. The replica magic, however, is usually very experienced in what kind of labels lead to the least attacks. This part seems unnecessary, but after the excitement of the watches that finally arrive, many people start to read the comparisons between their new watch and online photos of the real ones and start to disassemble their watch. No one will take the watch off your wrist to perform a close-up analysis, only to prove it’s a fake, so enjoy your new watch and welcome to replica magic.




What Replica Watches Do the Top Athletes Wear

Whether it is their athletic skills or the fashion choices they make, athletes are always closely watched. Because athletes usually have the money to buy expensive items, they can stay up to date with fashion and are usually sporty on the latest trends. By keeping an eye on the items that athletes wear, fans can stay on top of the ‘cool’ new trends, whether it’s a new luxury car or a luxury replica watch.

Jordan Spieth

Jordan Spieth is the newest star of golf and the 2015 PGA Tour player of the year. His playing, personality and sportsmanship have fascinated the sports world. We eagerly await what he then reaches.

Despite being a global ambassador for Tag Heuer, Ronaldo has often worn several Rolex watches that fit perfectly with his lavish lifestyle. His stellar Rolex collection consists of a stainless steel Rolex Daytona, yellow gold Rolex Daytona and a two-tone stainless steel and yellow gold Rolex Submariner that he wears on the picture above. Given that these are only the Rolex watches that he has worn on the photo, it is really a mystery of how many are actually in his collection.

The next one on our list is NBA superstar LeBron James, who according to many is the best basketball player in the world. LeBron offers a unique combination of advanced Rolex watches with a Yacht-Master II, Day-Date II and Sky-Dweller, all with one thing in common: gold. Perhaps the most extraordinary is his stunning Sky-Dweller decked out with an 18 carat golden Oyster bracelet and rotatable fluted rim along with a rich champagne-colored dial. LeBron, however, decided to leave the Sky-Dweller at home and instead chose to wear his golden and black Day-Date II to the championship parade after winning his third NBA championship in 2016, as shown on the photo up here.

It is no surprise that we put Roger Federer on our list because he is a global Rolex ambassador, an ultra-exclusive title given to only a handful of people in the world. Federer, fresh from a Grand Slam victory at Wimbledon, a few weeks ago, has a collection of Rolex watches that are representative of themselves: elegant, refined and timeless. His favorite Rolex watches include a Day-Date, Datejust and an Oyster Perpetual Platinum that he wears above after winning his 7th title at Wimbledon in 2012. In several interviews, Federer talked about his vintage and extremely rare Daytona from 1981, a gift he received for his 30th birthday, as his most beloved Rolex. As tennis legend, one of the highest paid athletes in the world, and a Rolex ambassador, it is safe to say that Federer leads the life that many of us can only dream of.

Carmelo Anthony

Long time NBA luminaire, Carmelo Anthony takes watches very seriously. So serious even that he is co-founder of the magazine Haute Time. In addition to many other timepieces, he has a white gold Sky-Dweller, a stainless steel Yacht-Master II and several yellow gold Day-Date watches in his enviable collection.

Conor McGregor

UFC megastar, Conor McGregor, is both a solid hunter and a lover of the finer things in life. The world champion regularly shows off his yellow gold Yacht-Master II, Everose Gold Sky-Dweller and green dial Rolex President on his Instagram profile.

Stephen Curry

The merits of Stephen Curry who have given him a place on this list, prior to his recent contract extension of $ 201 million with the NBA Champions 2016/2017, the Golden State Warriors. Because this is the richest contract in the history of the NBA, we expect him to score much higher on the Forbes list next year. Will the fan’s favorite pick up some Rolex watches to become a member of his Deepsea watch? We will keep a close eye on it.

LeBron James

While the NBA champion ring avoided him this year, LeBron James remains the best-paid NBA player on this list. Although Audemars Piguet made a special Royal Oak Offshore watch a few years ago, King James was recently seen wearing Rolex watches. All yellow gold models, these include the Yacht-Master II, the Sky-Dweller and the Day-Date II with a black dial.

Roger Federer & Rolex

It is appropriate that the man who, according to many, is the greatest tennis player of all time, should be a brand ambassador for Rolex, the official timekeeper at Wimbledon. Roger Federer found it so difficult to mention his favorite Rolex timepiece that he eventually chose three for his YouTube movie “Every Rolex Tells a Story”: the Day Date, a vintage 1981 Daytona that was given to him on his 30th birthday and the Datejust. When we talk about athletes and watches with luxury sports, I go for the chronograph. Federer wore his 41 mm Datejust stainless steel when he won his 15th Grand Slam title at Wimbledon 2009.

Official Rolex ad

The second highest paid athlete in the world is the Swiss tennis player, Roger Federer. Federer holds many world records, including the most grand slam titles and ranked as the number 1 player for most weeks. In a sport dominated by the younger players, Federer has been one of the best players on the field for more than a decade. Rolex recognizes that Roger Federer is the perfect player to represent their brand. Besides being one of the most successful players of all time, Federer also has a classic playing style that he has managed to perfect. These are qualities that Rolex also strives for, making this the perfect collaboration.

For almost a century, fake Rolex has been associated with the search for excellence inherent to the sport. Nowadays Rolex is present at the most prestigious events in golf, sailing, tennis, motorsport and during equestrian tournaments. Given the long life and strength of these relationships, Rolex is seen in sponsoring not only as a sponsor … but also as a partner.


A list of the 10 most expensive Rolex Replica watches at the moment

When we talk about replica watches, it is almost inconceivable that you do not mention the brand Rolex. Despite the fact that Rolex does not make the most luxurious, ingenious or special watches, the brand is nevertheless first associated with ‘luxury watches’. Let there be no misunderstanding about it: Rolex makes one of the best watches in the world. Not in terms of spectacular complications or enormously rare material – but in terms of quality and no-nonsense watchmaking. It is therefore quite logical that Rolex watches – especially the vintages pieces – are becoming more and more valuable. At the moment (albeit subject to change), these are the 10 most expensive Rolex replica watches in the world.

10. Rolex Daytona Ferrari Red – $ 267,203

The replica Rolex Daytona Paul Newman collection is one of the world’s most sought-after collections. There is a range of models that are interwoven by the brand with the crown. This Daytona Ferrari Red is one of them. With a Daytona like this on your wrist, you are sure to be a conversation starter. Of course, it is also a very special appearance – resulting in a taste discussion with many. Probably this watch is therefore not very high ranked in this top 10. Although a small three tons is still an incredible amount of money of course.

9. 1972 James Bond Rolex Submariner – $ 365,000

The Rolex Submariner is one of the most iconic models ever made in the world of watches. It is not for nothing that practically every other brand inspires its divers on this diver of Rolex. The bezel, the indexes and crown guards – really every aspect is iconic. It is called the James Bond Sub because of the fact that this ‘no-date’ Sub was introduced in the movie ‘Live and let die’. On the pulse of the world’s best-known superspion, the watch was soon given a legendary status. This specific Rolex was sold for $ 365,000 – which immediately puts him in a very select group.

8. Golden Rolex Oyster Perpetual – $ 444,000

Gold always does well. A golden watch is by definition spectacular. If this is also a rare, golden Rolex, then you have the jackpot. Add to that a spectacular story and you just tap $ 444,000. This golden Rolex Oyster Perpetual was once worn by the first president of India – Rajendra Prasad. The watch is made of 18Kt rose gold (yes, that is true), the continent engraved India in the dial and the date January 26, 1950 (first Republic of India). So it is really a one-of-a-kind Rolex replica.

7. Rolex GMT Master II ‘Ice’ – $ 485,350

There’s no disputing about taste, but this GMT Master II is anything but stylish (as far as we are concerned). It seems that the inventor of this combination likes to shout from the rooftops that he is wearing a Rolex, or rather goes through life as a walking disco ball. In any case, this GMT must cost nearly half a million, something that we would not give it to.

6. Rolex Daytona ‘Eric Clapton’ – $ 1,400,000

Besides his famous Albino Eric Clapton also arranged this Daytona on his wrist. Of course, the one and a half million price are not in proportion to the value of the watch. The fact that this watch was owned by Eric Clapton makes the price so huge, but it is by no means the most valuable Rolex ever made. In our opinion, it is not really a realistic reflection compared to other Rolex watches.

5. 1971 Rolex Daytona ‘Albino’ ref. 6263 – $ 1,418,000

Number three in our list (or number eight) is the first Rolex that manages to exceed the magic limit of one million. The Rolex Daytona is one of the world’s best-known chronographs ever. It is not for nothing that the Daytona of style icon Paul Newman is so incredibly sought after. Yet this Daytona is also one that is high on the list. Spectacular because of its sub-dials that have the same color as the rest of the dial – hence the name Albino. To make it even more special: this Daytona was once owned by the famous guitarist Eric Clapton.

4. 1942 Rolex Chronograph ‘Antimagnetique’ – $ 2,400,000

This early chronograph from Rolex is one that is high on our list at the top of the list (not just because of its exorbitantly high price). The watch is, in fact, one of the most beautiful vintage Rolexes ever made and collectors are almost unanimous. It seems that this specific Rolex comes from a collection designed for a team of racers. The model is one of the largest (in diameter) watches that Rolex has ever produced.

3. 1969 Rolex Daytona ‘Paul Newman’ ref. 6263 – $ 3,717,906

The first Rolex Daytona in this top 10 that once belonged to Paul Newman – but certainly not the last. The watch from the American actor is quite simply one of the most wanted watches in the world. Of course, the value in it is no longer completely in perspective, but that does not make it any less. This Rolex is characterized by the iconic ‘reversed Panda-dial’. A term used to indicate the contrasting difference of white sub-dials and black dial. Where black sub-dials on a white dial are then described as a normal ‘Panda-dial’.

2. Rolex ref. 6062 ‘Bao Dai’ – $ 5,060,427

Perhaps one of the most spectacular Rolex models ever, this Bao Dai. The watch has in the past several times the record for most expensive Rolex ever in the hands. As soon as another auction followed with another spectacular Rolex in it, the title was passed on again. The watch does not have the name ‘Bao Dai’ for nothing. It was in fact owned by the last emperor of Vietnam. Just like the Rolex at number # 9, this creation is made of solid gold. In addition, it is one of the few Rolexes that rotate with such an age, diamonds on the dial and a moon phase on six.

1. Rolex Cosmograph Daytona Paul Newman – $ 17,752,500

There we are again. The most expensive Rolex of the moment and one that created shocking news worldwide. This Rolex Daytona was gifted to him by Newman’s wife on his birthday. A recognizable aspect of this Daytona is the fact that it is engraved that reads ‘Drive Carefully Me’. With aftermarket replicas, this engraving is often misapplied – resulting in a watch that falls through the basket.


Where do you buy replica Breitling watch?

Breitling Replica

The Breitling watch brand is located in the Swiss Jura, a place that is also known for the luxury coffee machines. In the Swiss Jura the brand has also started. Breitling is a watch brand that can wear the Swiss Made label and guarantees the Swiss quality. You can buy a new Breitling watch from around 2000 USD. Second-hand, you can often also conveniently buy a watch. Pay attention to the papers that come with each original watch. Later on we also tell you what to look out for so This way you know how to buy a copy.

Breitling watches

The technician Leon Breitling started in 1884 with the making of chronometers, stopwatches and measuring instruments for watchmakers. As you can understand, Breitling did not make watches at that time. Following on from the IWC brand, which made the first wristwatch in 1899, Leon Breitling came up with the idea of making a wrist stopwatch that proved to be a useful tool for pilots, among other things.

Louis Breitling died in 1914 when his son Gaston took over the factory. in 1932 they designed the first watch in which both the watch movement and a stopwatch were placed. A few years later, following on Rolex, a watch was developed that ran on wrist movement. In this, Gaston also paid close attention to the competition and became the second brand to produce automatic timepieces and to sell them in watches.

In the second half of the twentieth century, however, the brand got into financial difficulties and was bought up by a Swiss businessman who wanted to play a higher market segment. Thanks to a thorough marketing Breitling became internationally known. Especially the non-stop balloon flights with the Breitling Orbiter could count on a massive interest in the international media.

Breitling replica watches


Breitling watches are hugely popular among the Chinese. As you know, the Chinese are also very handy and good at counterfeiting articles including watches. Before you buy an expensive watch it is also important to first read about the watch. Replica watches are available in large numbers and are already offered for a few bucks. As you will already feel your water, these are not real watches. However, they are copied in detail and they are getting better at counterfeiting watches. There are replica watches with a so-called ETA movement, which makes it more and more difficult to distinguish them from real watches. Replica watches with an ETA movement are sold for about 200 to 300 USD.

What should you pay attention to when buying a Breitling watch:

Buy the watch at an official dealer
Or ask for the papers that belong to the watch
Deepen in the model and compare the watch what you want to purchase and see if there are any differences. Breitling replica watches often miss some details.
Do some inquiries about the price of a watch even if it is this second hand. View the possible prices on for example Chrono24 a Breitling watch you do not buy for 80 USD at the marketplace!

Well-known models by Breitling include the navitimer, ocean and the Bentley. Replicas will be in circulation especially for these common models. For models that are not sold too often, it does not pay off to manufacture them. We also supply watch replica for many models. Think of a replica Breitling navitimer, Breitling Superocean, Breitling Bentley.

Breitling maintenance

Your watch, like a car, will need a maintenance once in a while. Go to official dealers and ask if you can go there for maintenance. After the watch has been checked and possibly polished, you can use a new Breitling watch strap to make your watch as new again!

Are you looking for Breitling replica? Then the replica swiss Watch Specialist can help you!



Breitling Replica Watch Buy 5 Important Tips


Everything you need to know about Breitling watches

The watch brand Breitling has existed since 1884 and since then has produced various innovations in the field of clocks and watches. Throughout history, this brand has experienced a lot, but at present, it still sells watches of a high quality. Want to know more about Breitling watches or are you interested in buying a Breitling replica watch? Then read on to learn all about the past, present and the prices of Breitling! In the end, we will explain more about the two top models of Breitling: the Navitimer and the Breitling Superocean replica. Curious? 5 fun facts:


What is the price for a Breitling? Of course, you have Breitlings up to 33,000 USD, prices that are only reserved for a few. They are not that cheap, but they do not have to be prohibitively expensive. However, Breitling watches are already available from around 2000 USD, which is of course cheap for the quality and prestige they deliver. Customers who have a lot to spare for quality, technology and luxury easily choose a Breitling. Do you want a Breitling replica watches? Then you can get far with a bit of saving. You can really enjoy a watch with class for years. A smartphone, laptop or tablet will not survive a Breitling. It is a watch made to pass on from generation to generation. The elite is the target group, but as you have read, it is affordable for everyone replica watches (if you save a bit).


First we have to look a bit in the past. Boring? Do not worry, we’ll keep it short and interesting! Léon Breitling founded the brand in 1884 but did not produce watches until 1899. The Léon factory first produced stopwatches and chronometers for watchmakers. The first watch they produced was a wrist stopwatch, which is often used by pilots. A niche where the brand had a great advantage in hindsight. For example, Breitling played an important role in the Second World War, thanks to the neutral position of Switzerland they supply both the English Air Force and the German armed forces. An opportunity in times of need? Perhaps. In the end, however, Breitling almost went bankrupt, but the brand was taken over in time by a businessman from Switzerland. The acquisition has led to a luxurious look and image. Now that we know where Breitling comes from, we will now close the history lesson.


The Breitling replica watches therefore have some unique features. The chronograph is largely developed by Breitling himself. It is an important part and adds a lot of luxury or added value to the watch. The case or watch case of the watch also exudes pure class. Breitling watches is a brand with a past, so it is already proven that the replica watches are made to continue to perform during extreme missions, such as in extremis a war. The watches are also a real status symbol and their target audience is therefore the elite who have the money for high quality watches. In addition, their watches are extremely exclusive, we see that both in the prices and in the quality and design that they deliver. The design of the watches also emphasizes the technique that plays in it, the technique plays the main role here. It is therefore these technical and yet sporty looks that let these watches look so good, turn them around and make them popular.


Breitling, as one of the few remaining independent watch brands, still produces technical highlights today. The brand stands for precision and reliability. They mainly focus on their mechanical watches with chronograph and are of course unique in its kind. In the technical field, the watches are of extremely high quality and the design is not only mechanically strong but also stylish and timeless.


Two models of Breitling watches are the Breitling Navitimer and the Breitling Superocean. We will go a little further on these two models:

The replica Breitling Navitimers are watches that have the classic Breitling look but with excellent technology. They all have the same look, which can only be described as classic and stylish.The replica Breitling Superocean has a more modern look and made for divers in mind. The Superocean has an innovative technique, which of course is resistant to the pressure you experience when you go scuba diving. The model looks less robust and is very stylish, but certainly does not underestimate the power of a Superocean replica!


The Breitling fake watches are therefore ideal if you are a fan of quality and technical delights. You will indeed need some money for it, but in the world of replica watches, you pay according to quality. The two popular models that are quite opposite, are the Navitimer and the Superocean, maybe one of these two are on your wish list? Definitely highly recommended, but these differ from target audience! Now that you know a bit more about Breitling, are you considering buying one? That is very normal. And I can only advise you to do good research on this and then make a nice purchase. Do you want to immediately buy Breitling replica watches?


panerai replica radiomir black seal review

It has always been a love-hate relationship between collectors regarding Panerai timepieces: the use of ETA movements had been frowned upon by many. But Panerai enthusiasts or “paneristi”, as we like to call them, praise the brand for its uniqueness, heritage and looks. Therefore, for a brand that is so venerated and vilified at the same time, there is only one direction, and that direction is high, here is the reason.

Panerai watches have always been built like a tank, built to be worn by adventurers as well as adventurers. With all the fuss of his Luminor as the Panerai that every Paneristi should have, people forget that Panerai’s very first piece was not a Luminor, but a Radiomir.

The Radiomir was a true classic of a piece that remained unchanged since its introduction in 1938 as the official timepiece of the Royal Italian Navy during the Second World War. With such a history and heritage, modernization can be risky. Nonetheless, the creators of Panerai have made it, and they did it with Italian flair. Enter the Radiomir Black Seal, a contemporary version of the original Radiomir ref.3646. These vintage models are so rare that nowadays they are sold for rather steep prices, like this one.

The Black Seal Radiomir has been around for years, but it is not until the SIHH 2012 that Panerai introduces one with a completely self-produced work in a Radiomir, called the PAM388 or Black Seal 3-Days Automatic.

The PAM388 houses one of Panerai’s own, P.9000, entirely designed by Panerai. It’s an automatic movement with a 3-day power reserve, which obviously gives the name of the PAM388. The work is said to have been originally built for the Luminous, which requires a custom-made case with a slightly less convex sapphire crystal that protrudes slightly from the bezel. The PAM388 is the first Radiomir to feature the P.9000 movement, which makes the piece so special.

Additional movement specifications:

Name: radiomir black seal, black dial, stainless steel, brown leather strap.
Movement: automatic genuine Swiss ETA, smooth sweeping second hand.
Functions: hours, minutes, small seconds.
Case: one piece forged case construction, solid 440 stainless steel.
Bezel: solid 440 stainless steel.
Back: screw, solid 440 stainless steel.
Crystal: -scratch-proof sapphire crystal.
Anti-reflective coating.
Water-resistance: 50 meters
Strap: high-quality brown leather strap.
crown: one-piece solid screw-down crown.
100% correct markings and engravings.

Retail Price :$150
Second Watch Price :$125 (30% off for buying the second watch)

Panerai radiomir black seal

The PAM388 is housed in a polished steel case with a case diameter of 45mm, which is pretty standard of the make. A black dial with the second hand to the right of the 9 o’clock position, a date indicator at the 3 o’clock position and a “Radiomir Black Seal” label below the 12 o’clock position. It comes with a black alligator leather strap with the patented wire loop for easy strap change and, above all, a clear sapphire crystal back to showcase the P.9000 in all its glory.

Aesthetically, the PAM388 is one of the most elegant pieces I’ve ever seen of Panerai. Note the word used – elegant, a word rarely used with Panerai watches. That’s because, in my opinion, it’s one of those pieces that find the middle ground in this love-hate relationship between Panerai and his collectors. On the one hand, it houses an in-house movement that closes all the people trying to deny the value of the Panerai pieces, and second, it’s one of those watches that can be used as a tool clock or clothes watch. A versatile piece, so to speak, reminiscent of the original Rolex Explorer that can be worn for any occasion.

Learn more about the PAM388 and other Panerai parts from Panerai’s official 2012 collection site or


Panerai Luminor 1950 replica


Movement: automatic genuine Swiss ETA, smooth sweeping second hand, shock resistant movement holder
Case: one piece forged case construction, solid 440 stainless steel
Bezel: solid 440 stainless steel
Back: screw, solid 440 stainless steel green Rolex hologram sticker on the back
Crown: one-piece solid screw-down crown
Crystal: Scratch-proof sapphire crystal, laser etched crown at 6 o’clock on all models, 2.5 magnifying lenses over the date at 3 o’clock
Waterproof: waterproof seal with O ring
Bracelet: solid 440 stainless steel or real leather
Weight: same weight and fell as the original 100% correct markings and engravings, replicated to the smallest detail

who makes the best Panerai replica

Nomenclature, the story of Officine Panerai replica “Luminor 1950” is one of the modern success. What began as a limited-edition exercise in 2002 has evolved into a franchise-in-a-franchise that spans the spectrum of diver watches to borderline dress options. In the fifteen years since the Nineteen Fiddy, Luminor’s best models in 1950 have built a dynasty of the last days that is anything but retro; These are our favorites.

The original PAM 127 replica watch

Prior to 2002, a Panerai “Luminor” was a completely modern creation, designed by former Panerai boss Dino Zei and realized by machinist Alessandro Bettarini and marketed under a name – Luminor – originally developed for a minimal radioactive dial color , And while the “Bettarini Case” brought Panerai’s signature model to the hearts of enthusiasts in 1993, a true tribute to the historic Italian “Marina Militare” divers of the 1950s had to be realized as a replica Panerai Luminor 1950 PAM 127 for almost a decade.

The PAM 127 was a big deal. More than another name, the 1950s shape was dramatically different from the old 44mm Bettarini box. Panerai’s 1-950-piece Special Series reiterated the size – 47mm – and the shape – surprisingly convoluted – of the Panerai 6152 Battle Reflection from the 1950s. These 127s were actually closer to Panerai’s true heritage than the budget-priced but stocky “Luminor” models of Panerai’s first decade.

As a tribute that stopped before a factory replica, the PAM 127 harked back to the authenticity of its SPECWAR shape and the boast of its generous size to become an instant favorite of the burgeoning oversized sports watch segment. Although the PAM 127 was not at the expense of AP’s brutal Royal Oak offshore, he nevertheless grabbed the elegance and presence of the wrist to keep up with the appeal of the blue blood of Le Brassus. Collectors, who were able to afford major complications and pageant conquests, battled for priority on the dealers’ waiting lists and offered used PAM 127 at dizzying heights on eBay.

But even more significant than his fervent moment is Fiddy’s enduring legacy and the family that spawned it.

PAM 267: friends and family replica watch

The Panerai Luminor 1950 Eight Days PAM 267 is the clock that should not happen.

For the Special Series 2005, Panerai brought the Luminor 1950 Eight Days PAM 203 in 150 copies on the market. Equipped with an Angelus SF 240 manual wind movement, which was included in the glorious 47mm 1950 housing, the PAM 203 was almost a reissue of the 1950s reference number 6152 of the Italian Navy. Like a newly manufactured vintage Panerai since 1997 PAM 021, the approximately $ 19,000 PAM 203 sold out immediately before reappearing in the aftermarket as $ 100,000.

Caseback of PAM 267 replica watch

As often happens when money and scarcity cross, favorites are played, and Panerai CEO Angelo Bonati himself has been selected to select the recipients of the 150 PAM 203. Winners and – powerful – losers were created. The latterly sought relief and the PAM 267 was the result.

Often referred to as the “Friends and Family” special for those “Paneristi” VIPs who missed the boat for the PAM 203, the PAM 267 was a six-piece Special Edition 2008 edition. While its case splits with the 203 almost every line and completes the surface, the dial of the PAM 267 dispensed at three o’clock on the “Brevettato” patents and swing the impressive “Marina Militare” signature by 12. The passions of the Panerai fan base PAM 267 became the “Grail” version of the PAM 203 Grail watch.

Panerai PAM 267 Limited edition replica

Inside the case of the PAM 267, an Angelus SF240 – the same caliber family built in the 1950s – was equipped with a hand-wound reserve for eight days. As part of a package of new SF 240 watch caliber, which Panerai bought in the 1990s from collector Francesco Ferretti, the old works made a direct connection to Panerais Kampfer. In fact, the entire body of the PAM 267 was similar to a temple or reliquary for the old machine inside a temple, but much smaller than the advertised PAM 203.


Audemars Piguet

Audemars replica

Audemars Piguet Swiss Replica Watches

The ultramodern attitude and haute couture stance of the Audemars Piguet watch collection pushes the envelope and makes other watch designers question their work. These high-fashion timepieces are the standard by which all other progressive designers take their cue.

Swiss Expert carries a choice selection of the Audemars Piguet replica inventory. If you are on the cutting edge and want to remain there, an Audemars Piguet replica may well be the watch for you. The opulence and elegance won’t be lost on anyone who notices you sporting one of our Swiss replica watches!

Why is the Audemars Piguet Millenary so cheap and poorly documented?

Audemars Piguet is best known for the creation of their Royal Oak wristwatch and the majority of knowledge that one needs to know about the brand is understandably focused on that one momentous achievement if you are new here welcome be sure to subscribe and follow us on Instagram at a Lux without further ado here are 15 things we didn’t know about Audemars Piguet number one the Royal Oak watch was designed in a day it’s hard to believe it but did you know that one of the most iconic watches ever created was actually designed in a single day on the eve of a watchmaking fair in.

How do I spot a fake Audemars Piguet watch?

Europe young watch stylist Gerald Ajanta was handed a brief Jean say had already made his name in the industry at companies like Omega and Universal Jeanette and he decided to think outside the box and came up with a now familiar octagonal case that at the time was a completely revolutionary idea the design also featured the exposed mounting screws that would eventually become another trademark of the Royal Oak and all in less than 24 hours number two Royal Oak prototypes were made from white gold unlike many of their competitors at the time who are using precious metals like platinum and gold Audemars Piguet caused controversy by producing watches made of stainless steel that was being sold for just as much as their more luxurious counterparts their.

reasoning for this was that it was easier to work with steel compared to the softness and over malleability of gold however in the run-up to the Royal Oaks debut at a trade show in Basel in 1972 the company did not have enough time to develop the necessary techniques and tools to construct the intricate design in steel so what did they do they went back to the tried and tested crowd-pleasing material of gold number-three Audemars Piguet created the concept of luxury sports watches up until the creation of the royal oak the truth is that sports watches were far from being classed as luxurious before 1972 timekeeping was seen as a serious business a time where a wristwatch.

Why are Audemar Piguet watches so expensive?

was seen as a sensible necessity rather than a stylish accessory watches like the Blanc passed 50 fathoms and Rolex submariner was designed purely for function ready for as much use and abuse as possible Audemars Piguet changed this with the introduction of the Royal Oak with a level of hand finishing and stylish design that had previously been unheard of in the field of sports watches the watches water-resistant feature was even advertised as a benefit for rich yacht owners who could enjoy the time on their decks without having to worry about their timepieces number four it was merely named for Safari it’s hard to spank any other name than Royal Oak being used to title one of the most revolutionary watches in the world but did you know that it was almost named the Safari instead before settling on Royal Oak the prototype that was being passed through the company was nicknamed the Safari because of the sporting pretensions that evoked images of desert adventure and exploration, however, the nickname didn’t stick and in search of something slightly more refined in luxurious sounding.

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high quality omega replica watches

men’s and women’s progressive, modern, classic and Art-Deco Omega replica watch styles make these highly sought after watches complete. They epitomize the urban fashions of New York, Ibiza, Los Angeles, Tokyo and Milan. And the best thing about Swiss Expert’s selection of Omega replica watches? Omega is very much one of the shining stars of the antique watch world. There is something in the collection for everyone. All Omega replica watch designs are unique, and the collection as a whole is well-suited to any number of preferences. We offer you Omega replica watches that are out of this world. Have a look at this stunning inventory!

omega Replica Swiss Watches

This impressive line of replica watches has at its core an authentic Swiss ETA which makes for a reliable hacking mechanism and a smooth, sweeping second hand. Every one of our Swiss replica watches features a forged case construction, a solid screw-down crown, a scratch-proof sapphire crystal and 2.5x magnifying lens over the date at 3 o’clock. In addition to this fine mechanical craftsmanship, Is an Omega watch as prestigious as a Rolex? you’ll find a variety of styles in our line of Swiss Rolex replica watches to choose from, especially if you’re in the market for lady replica watches — Its output was of the highest quality and we always offer a selection of immaculately presented vintage Omega replica watches for sale on this website. Where can I buy good replica Omega watches? we guarantee you’ll find the crown, dial, face and color you’ve been looking for! the dial looks quite convincing.

how to spot a fake vintage omega seamaster

when buying vintage from any brand originality is key. You want a clean watch that has not been molested – refinished or replaced parts are anathema for vintage collectors. The biggest problem with Omegas, particularly dress models, is the prevalence of refinished dials. Some are quite true to the original design, others are sloppy, some are downright fraud (there has been a trend recently, cheap replica omega or looks like a more valuable old omega watches 1970s feature). The only way to tell what is original and what is redone is through lots and lots of research. Some redials are very good and hard to spot without an expert eye. In general if it has an expected amount of patina it is likely legit, but if it is pristine its probably redone.

The most easily available information for identifying a watch is the serial number. On most existing and recent Omega watches, the serial number is located outside the watch. Usually it is located on the back of the watch or on the back of the lug (the protrusion used to attach the strap or bracelet) closest to the 7 o’clock position. In addition, the most recent model also includes the serial number on the sticker on the outside of the white cardboard display box. But be sure to check it carefully – occasionally replace the white outer cover in the store before buying the watch.

how to spot a fake omega constellation

On older Omega watches, you may need a jeweler to open the watch to read the serial number from the movement or inside of the back of the case. Either way, make sure that the number you are recording is 8 digits in length, otherwise you may have recorded something other than the serial number.

Any number or identification mark on the watch strap does not belong to the model or a serial number of the watch. This mark on the bracelet only identifies the bracelet. The watch serial number must be on the more permanent part of the watch – for example, the case, the back of the case. Or the action inside the watch.

Omega does not mark the model on the watch. Models may vary, may vary from country to country, and vary depending on the dealer’s replaceable parts, such as bracelets and belts. Therefore the model is not a permanent identifier for the watch. However, you can view any serial number to see the model of the finished watch leaving the factory.